We specialize in creating web based (cloud) software solutions for agencies and organization which provide assistance to the community.

We provide software, whether ready-made or custom designed, as well as integrate it with the latest technologies. Our software is designed to give you the flexibility and options you need, while still being easy to use and effective. In today’s constantly changing world of computers we constantly update and improve our systems with the latest trends, technologies, and needs. We do not design our software based on what we think you want, but instead on what you actually need. Our ready-made software was designed around the needs of existing agencies. Our designers went to the agencies and worked with them to see what they needed. They observed how they operated and then designed the software around them. And this is the same process we follow when we create custom software solutions. This makes our software effective while still being easy to use.





1. Latest Technology

We integrate the latest technology into our software. From telephone interfaces and SMS capabilities to signature pads and tablets we make your job easier by using technology.

2. Affordable Solutions

While we can custom design any system to suit your needs, we also make ready-made systems which are easy to use and affordable. We understand that many agencies do not have a large budget, but need a good solution.

3. Easy and Simply

We design all of our software with the user in mind. Understanding that many of our users do not have extensive familiarity with computers, and need a simple to use interface, we try to design all of our systems based on a 3-click design. This means you can do most everything with only 3 clicks or less!

4. Custom Software

When we design custom software, we don’t tell you what you need, and design a system on how we would do something. Instead we look at your existing process and procedure, and then design a system based around that. This way the transition to is as simple and easy as possible.